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Chad’s Journey to NAHA


If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got...  that is the cornerstone of evolution.

The standard of normalcy for our grandparents operated a little more in the polarity of black-and-white. Boys play with trucks. Girls play with dolls. Even for me, growing up in a small town in the 80’s in Wisconsin, boys were boys who wore boys clothes and did all the things boys did. Each generation since has forged more toward the middle and varying shades of grey. Gender roles are becoming antiquated antiquity. Mankind is womankind is humankind. Words like cis and nonbinary now operate just below the surface of our advancing society. The undeniable fact that the once strange and odd collaboration and blurry mixture of stereotypical gender roles has been put onto the front pages of our latest periodicals and the tip of our tongues in conversation. Boy is girl is person. Gay is straight is love. From this idea was born my collection of hair and entry into the North American Hair Awards- the fusion of traditionally men’s barbering techniques on a beautiful bio woman creating a nonbinary aesthetic. 

Without the support and encouragement of Michael Davis, Stevie Smith, Bria Salvador- French, and the rest of the Smith and Davis Team this entry would have never been realized. Had it not been for them insisting that I follow my instinct you would be reading about a muted, well-executed men’s collection. It’s amazing to cut among a team that inspires while truly living on a plane of collaboration. Wish us luck on this adventure, as it truly takes a village! 

-Chad Ehrhardt

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