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Samantha Thereau


Growing up in Florida, Samantha was very influenced by her surroundings. Music, particularly the classic ’80’s rock, played a huge part in the development of her aesthetic and vision. With tastes ranging from The Scorpions, to Stevie Nicks, to Robert Palmer and the iconic graphic Nagel girls of the time, Samantha cultivated a very unique perspective exploring powerful images of femininity and strength. Samantha started out doing kitchen haircuts for friends, mainly because she had the sharpest scissors, but soon realized she had a real life and passion for the craft. She came to Chicago in 2012 to pursue professional training and graduated from Paul Mitchell in 2015. When looking for an apprenticeship program she found the perfect fit at Smith and Davis. Samantha loves working with texture and creating transformation. She embraces the challenge of working with the raw materials in front of her to bring out new and exciting options for her clients. Her goal is to always find a style that is comfortable and easy to maintain, while allowing her clients to feel like themselves …and maybe then some. 


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