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I’ve attended two Sunday School classes at Smith & Davis and I’ll definitely be back for more. Michael, Stevie, and their crew of educators manage to blend fundamental and creative techniques in a way that is fresh, honest, and interesting. I highly recommend checking them out!

Taylor Kane


I never miss an opportunity to learn from the excellent team at Smith & Davis. They are all gifted educators as well as artists. I always leave this environment with a sense of excitement; not only to channel the inspiration into my own work, but for the craft hairdressing community as a whole. To me, this doesn't feel like a class, it feels like a home of sorts – like I'm a part of something a little more.

Kristine Lorenzo


A Sunday is well spent when hair school is in session at Smith and Davis Salon. Always inspirational.. their team of craft hairdressers immerse me in an afternoon of creative and visual synapse snapping moments!! I bring that energy back to my salon fully charged and motivated to create beauty on my clients. I love Stevie and Michael and their team.

Lisa Kiser

Salon Vole